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Established in 2013 on the island of Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts , Offshore Kinetics has provided training and training support for a diverse pool of clients to include Law Enforcement Agencies, Military units and Private Security entities.

 Our staff and faculty is comprised of current and former Military and Law Enforcement leaders who offer professional level consulting services to “Train, Advise and Assist” the end client throughout the full spectrum of protective operations. From Threat/Security Assessments to Venue Management and Augmentation Offshore Kinetics maintains the resources necessary for client success


Mr.Mike is a former United States Army Senior Scout with extensive time in theatre in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.  Mr Mike is former Sheriff’s Deputy and Law enforcement sniper instrumental in the creation of his agencies precision use of force option. As a DOD subcontractor, Mr Mike has facilitated and supported training for various military units, local, State and Federal government agencies as well as US and allied special operations elements. Mr Mike is the project manager and senior trainer at Offshore Kinetics and brings 25 years of experience to every project.



Mr. Jeremy is a retired United States Marine Corps Infantry Weapons Officer (Marine Gunner) and Scout Sniper.  He was also deployed for many years as a Protective Security Specialist/Designated Defensive Marksman in Iraq. He is currently an overseas contractor teaching High Threat Diplomatic Security.  Based out of South Florida, Mr. Jeremy has worked executive protection for many different clients both stateside and oconus. Mr. Jeremy is a Senior Trainer with Offshore Kinetics teaching advanced rifle and pistol marksmanship techniques and executive protection principles.


Mr. Greg has spent the majority of his professional career in Law Enforcement and is currently the  Director of Special Operations in an agency in New England . He serves as the Commanding Officer of a regional SWAT Team and has held positions as an Operator and Sniper Team Leader.

Mr. Greg has been a firearms instructor for well over a decade and holds many Law Enforcement Certifications and has logged thousands of hours of training, and thousands of hours of instructorship.

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